Basketball Training For Adults

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Basketball Training For Adults
Basketball Training For Adults

Sports Clubs for adults?

I know this question has been asked before, but I hope to get better results … How can an adult, age 18 + involved in sports? I have 20 and I'm doing out of shape, but I've never been much for training alone. I like competition, but school programs to provide them not see anyway to participate in sports less is not a team sport. I know some places offer them, such as YMCA, but limited ther're basketball and football, not to mention that all age groups are in the same class. Anyone heard of a place that offers information about this?

Have you tried the local recreation leagues? Most larger towns offer a variety of sports programs for almost any sport like softball, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, etc. For team sports usually have the option of registering as a free agent and join a team in need of extra players, or Similar free-agent team. Good luck! Anthony

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